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Star Wars -Jedi Obi-wan Kenobi Costume

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Product Number: #52144

Availability Size: S,M,L(Accept Costume)

Included Accessories: Robe,Coat, Pants, Belt, Shoulder Straps

Main Material: Polyester,PU leather,Cotton

Care Instructions: Hand Wash

Oversized: No

Suitable Crowd: Adult,Men,Women

Jedi, is a important organization in movie Star Wars. The Ministry of justice of the Galactic Republic is in charge of peacekeeping, and does not participate in political decision-making. The Sith is a similar church organization and the arch-rival of Jedi , but also includes other dark jedi.

Jedi will be found, identified, and brought into the warrior in the baby. One method of detection is blood - those with great force potential children often contains high Midi-chlorian, is a special microorganisms which related with force . Midi-chlorian of the higher density, shows that an organism's has great development potential to own powerful force.

The study and use of a force called the basic force in the Milky Way of the Movie Star Wars, usually is the light side of the force. Its mission is to protect and maintain the stability of the Galactic Republic and the galaxy. Their main weapon used to be called the lightsaber, a plasma blade weapon. Jedi Knights weared in a simple robe, and carry out special field equipment to perform the task. Their signature weapon - lightsaber, when masterd in a skilled hands, is set in an elegant and deadly.

This Jedi Knight cosplay costume suit is a light color clothes, and these also the dress that Obiwan Kenobi wearing in the Star Wars movie series.

With a bare color coat, the length can reach the ankle, and with special hooded design.

Girdle is made of top grade brown imitation leather, in the middle part of the belt has metal buckle as decoration, and in the right side, specifically add a convenient small package. Girdle is paste button design.

The coat and the shoulder straps are all very long, the straps can be fixed to a suit position through the girdle.

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