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Star Wars 7-Kylo Ren Toy Lightsaber

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Product Number: #52138

Availability Size: No Size

Included Accessories: Lightsaber

Main Material: High quality PVC

Care Instructions: Fragile, Be Gently

Oversized: No

Color: Red,Blue,Green

Suitable Crowd: Adult,Women,Men,Children over three years of age

The Lightsaber is the standard weapons of Jedi and Sith, the metal hilt is usually about 30cm long, press the start button, it will release of a one meter long pure energy cylindrical blade. The blade will emit a unique buzz. The powerful of lightsaber enough to cut almost anything, but it can be another lightsaber blade or other strong field blocking. The power of the Lightsaber that Jedi training children is very small, if cut on the opponent's body will only cause burning pain, good to avoid traumatic accidents in training.

The Lightsaber color depending on the built-in focusing crystal. In the movie Star Wars series, lightsaber color generally have blue, green,red and purple.

The Jedi warrior emerged as one of the formal test was to build his own lightsaber. The Jedi will need help by the force, to choose a suitable crystal in the crystal deposits, sufficient for focusing high energy into lightsaber, and do not overload and explode.

Sith used the artificial crystal to made lightsaber, the lightsaber blade generate more powerful than the Jedi. The Sith lightsaber color is red. The famous dark lords of the Sith. Exar Kun invented the first two color lightsaber, at after Darth also used this powerful weapon.

We offered three colors Star Wars Darth Vader PVC Toy Lightsaber,is red, blue and green.It need to install number 7 battery to shine.

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