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Despicable Me- Adult Child Minions Costume

Low Priced Buy Complete Chritmas Adult Child Minions Cosplay Costume
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Product Number: #52096

Availability Size: M,L (Accept Custom)

Included Accessories: Small cap,Bodysuit,Gloves

Main Material: Cotton, Spandex

Care Instructions: Hand Wash

Oversized: No

Suitable Crowd: Adult,Child,Girls,Boys,Women,Men

Minions is the famous comis movie role in Despicable Me,in this series movie Minions is set under the help of their super thief daddy Gru and biological Dr. Nafa Leo,with two cups of banana, variant DNA and fatty acid composition, and in their autobiography movie of Minions, Minions is the single cell biological evolution before millions of years, Minions's history can be traced back to at least the dinosaur era. The current owner of Minions is Gru and Dr. Nevali O, they are mainly work is to do construction for Dr.Nevli, as navarri test grove, or when nobody's watching Gru's three lovely daughters shows, a huge number of Minions can serve as the audience.

Their biggest hobby is to laugh, playing, and eat bananas.

Because of the Minions image is particularly popular, so the little Minions clothes have a lot of kinds, this Minions cosplay costume is divided into adult and children models.

These two models all have two different versions, the main difference is that the color of pants, and the look of the hats, the first section is a blue pants, and a hat with stands hair as decoration. Second for jeans color pants, and a hat with no hair decoration.

Clothes with one piece of bodysuit design, have a a zipper on the back, easy to wear or take off.

The complete set of Minions costume, including few accessories, like black gloves, and Minions glasses. And is highly similar to the role of Minions's dress.

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