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Star Wars -Darth Vader Toy Model

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Product Number: #52139

Availability Size: No Size

Included Accessories: Toy Model,Two Lightsaber,Six Hand Model

Main Material: High quality PVC

Care Instructions: Hand Wash

Oversized: No

Suitable Crowd: Adult,Women,Men,Children over three years of age

Darth Vader has two meters tall, wearing a black cloak and black armor. He was the most direct symbol of the Empire's reign of terror and threat. Because of the emperor's favor, Vader in Empire rised directly to a high position, soon become a terrible and military leader, he is currently ranked third in the new order of the Milky Way Empire.

His face to cover over the ugly metal mask, because Vader's survival difficult if without these artificial support device armor clothing, his costume is actually a "Iron Lung", to help his lungs to breath. Although he is wounded seriously, Dark Lord is still a powerful and dangerous man. He mercilessly by torture and violence to achieve his purposes. When Darth Vader appeared in the Milky Way Imperial Army and rebel, all will cause great fear.

These Darth Vader Toy Model Set includes a complete Darth Vader model, two different shapes of red lightsaber, six alternative hand model, one of these hand model is the hand shape that Darth Vinda use the force.

This figure toy is design and manufacture in accordance with the image of Vinda in the movie Star Wars, in order to achieve the highest effect model, even very small parts, are all doing very carefully.

Toys are made of PVC high quality environmental protection material, suitable for children and adults over three years of use.

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