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Jedi Luke Skywalker Lightsaber

Best Child Halloween Gift Star Wars Movie Figure Luke Skywalker
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Product Number: #52180

Availability Size: Free Size

Included Accessories: Lightsaber

Main Material: Plastic

Care Instructions: Be Gently

Oversized: No

Suitable Crowd: Adult,Children over three years of age

The energy of the lightsaber is plasma, under very strong magnetic field is bound into the shape of a sword. Lightsaber blade is emitted by the subsequent metal hilt, hilt in general about twenty to thirty centimeters, can be designed to be a particular style according to the user's personal needs. When the lightsaber switches on and off, and the swing of lightsaber will emit a buzzing sound field.

This Lightsaber has three different colors, red, green and blue. This is a linear type lightsaber, is the most common weapon of the Jedi.

The lightsaber type of Jedi has three, the most common single head straight line lightsaber,Anakin Skywalker used double ended lightsaber, Kylo Ren used three head cruciform lightsaber in the new movie Star Wars 7.

Switch of the lightsaber for push type design, click one times on the switch is to pop up lightsaber; click two times is let the lightsaber shine; click three times is to make buzzing sound.

The lightsaber blade is design for telescopic, when not in use, can be returned to the hilt. Very convenient and more safe.

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