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Galactic Empire Bathrobe

Movie Star Wars Galactic Empire Bathrobe Surprise Halloween Gift
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Product Number: #52182

Availability Size: Free Size

Included Accessories: Bathrobe

Main Material: Flannel

Care Instructions: Hand Wash

Color: Dark Blue

Oversized: No

Suitable Crowd: Adult,Men,Women

Galactic Empire ( full name is the First Galactic Empire) is establish by the before Galactic Republic Supreme Chancellor Palpatine (actually the Sith Lord Darth Sidious) in movie Star Wars, and the established target is to replace the regime of the Galactic Republic.

The Galactic Empire contains more than one million members, more than five hundred thousand of the planet's colonies, the protection of the territory and local governments, including most parts of the galaxy. On the surface, the Empire became a "new order" to replace the invalid and unjust laws of the Galactic Republic, but in fact the Galactic Empire quickly became the mainly to the non - human brutal regime. Finally, in the 23 years after the founding of the Empire, the dictatorship was broken, the reorganized into the New Republic and continue to confrontation with its remnants.

This Galactic Empire Robe has only one color, that is dark blue(similar to black). The bathrobe is free size, and design in accordance with the general adult body size, both men and women all can wear.

The Galactic Empire bathrobe is made by the high quality flannel gown, feels very soft and comfortable, and will not fade and depilation.

Galactic Empire bathrobe has a fixed belt, and the following of the belt have two pocket to hold small things, such as mobile phone. In addition, the chest of the robe, with a symbol of the Galactic Empire as simple decoration.

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