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Team Fortress 2- Medic Costume

Popular Game Cosplay Costume Of Team Fortress 2
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Product Number: #52091

Availability Size: S,M,L(Accept Custom)

Included Accessories: Windbreaker

Main Material: Cotton

Care Instructions: Hand Wash

Oversized: No

Suitable Crowd: Adult,Boys,Men,Women

Medic is a kind of auxiliary professional role in the Team Fortress 2 game, the Medic is a good doctor from Germany, but not to keep the doctor oath all time that all people have to save. He is responsible for ensuring that the team can also bounce alive. According with the professional of Medic soldiers,they equipment with medical gun to treat his teammates, and added energy to allow his teammates to enter the temporary invincible state.

After a period of time of medical treatment, teamer can get 150% maximum output in a short period of time. Medic soldiers also have self defense skills: to use needle tube and bone saw to battle. Medic soldiers and heavy machine gun is the best partner, if the two people with well cooperate, it even been called the mobile tank. Medic soldiers with their unique add blood skills, as well as a short time after the power of the "invincible" skills, so that it has become an indispensable part of the team.

This Mecid cosplay costume only include the most important doctor symbol of big white robe in the game Team Fortress 2 .

This coat lengths can reach the ankle, basically can cover you inner clothes and trousers, so it will not to affect your entire Cosplay effect.

The color of the dress is white, and the chest have three black buttons.

The two arms of the clothes, there is a very prominent medical people's identity logo, a circular yellow red cross logo.

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