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Imperial Class Star Destoryer Wall Stickers

Star Wars Imperial Class Star Destoryer Wall Stickers Art Vinyl Wall Sticker
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Product Number: #52190

Availability Size: 60*100cm

Included Accessories: 3D Wall Stickers,Transfer Membrane

Main Material: PVC

Color: A

Care Instructions: Be Gently

Oversized: No

Suitable Crowd: Adult,Men,Women

Imperial Class Star Destoryer is undoubtedly the most powerful symbol of the imperial fleet, the most significant, it is the miracle of Engineering Science and technology.

Imperial Class Star Destoryer dominate Galaxy for decades, burdened with the symbol to represent the power of the emperor, heavy weapons platform, planetary assault, planetary defenses, anti-ship warfare,small vessel ship, ships are all exhibit excellent performance in any way, a one only composed of Star Destroyer fleet power is better than a combination of mixed small and large ships.

Imperial Class Star Destoryer original name is Imperator-Class. After the Galactic Republic transformed into the Galactic Empire, this class battleship name also subsequently changed for Imperial-class. Imperial class star Destoryer is so famous that separate ""Star Destroyer"" a word used to refer to the generation of imperial class Star Destroyers.

Star Wars Imperial Class Star Destoryer wall stickers, the wall stickers design style is very unique, is a warship image out of the window. This section of wall stickers actual effect size is 60*100cm.

The larger pattern stickers, flattened may have a little bubble, then you can scrape the bubble with a scratch card, or with a needle puncture the small bubbles and erase smooth, that will not affect the overall adhesive effect.

If you are attached to the surface of glass or ceramic tile, because the material is relatively smooth, before the paste best with a clean cloth to dry the surface, so it is easier to paste, and smooth effect is better.

Please note that due to the price of wall stickers itself is relatively low, so we default that must order 5 or more wall stickers can be shipped. If you must purchase one or less than 5, please buy with other more clothes or cosplay accessories. Otherwise, you need to pay the shipping fee. Thank you for your cooperation.

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