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Resident Evil 4 Game- Leon Costume

Game Movie Cosplay Costume Of Resident Evil 4
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Product Number: #52093

Availability Size: S,M,L(Accept Custom)

Included Accessories: Jacket,T-shirt,Pants,Gloves,Gun clip,Belt,Packet

Main Material: Imitation Leather, Cotton

Care Instructions: Hand Wash

Oversized: No

Suitable Crowd: Adult,Boys,Men,Women

Six years ago, managed to escape raccoon disaster,Leon is determined to continue to engage in the town of police work. After a continuous training and training, after six years, Leon has finally become the national security agency of the U.S..

Leon is now assigned to the president's side with secret security work, but unfortunately, the president's daughter has been kidnapped by unknown organization. Leon's mission is to rescue and return the president's daughter safely. After many aspects of the collection and investigation, Leon finally focused on a small village in Europe. Although the local police was amused for requirements of to save the U.S. president's daughter , but finally to assist Leon in the investigation , and agreed to lead Leon to the village. Despite Leon was ready for the villager's possible resist, but but the crisis that he will be face to was he never experienced.. In addition to six years ago.

The Coat color is brown, the collar is stickup design, and in the collar, cuffs and clothes along, have high quality furs as decoration.

The gloves color are black, have mosaic pattern, also with short design, very convenient for your to grasping objects.

The belt is black, the belt can hang few small packet, and also can to help fixed with the legs gun clip.

Back of the gun folder is the biggest feature of this suit, the gun clip made for brown imitation leather, the location of the gun clip is in your two armpit, very easy to get the gun.

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