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Black Ghost Mask

Buy Ghost Mask Frightened Terror Halloween Costume Helmet
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Product Number: #52149

Availability Size: Approximate 21.5*37 cm

Included Accessories: Mask

Main Material: Plastic

Care Instructions: Fragile, Be Gently

Color: Black

Oversized: No

Suitable Crowd: Adult,Child,Men,Women

When Halloween came, childrens will not wait to wear the colorful makeup costume, wearing strange terror masks, carrying a pumpkin lamp,also called "Jack light" channeling families go home, to ask for holiday gifts and candy. Halloween's most recognisable symbol is two things -- singular "Jack light" and "Trick or Treat!" prank.

Halloween spread to today has no religious superstition, it became a children's program and the young people masquerade. Although the holiday costume is really much kinds and strange, but grimace pumpkin lights, white net black spider is the most classic, now is still very common.

This is a frightened scream face mask, the tongue is especially conspicuous red, the back of the mask connected with black nylon cloth, can cover your head as a unique helmet.

The mask is made of high quality plastic, relatively very thin, weights about 45 grams.

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