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Maleficent Horns Black

Black Maleficent Horns Cheap Disney Movie Cosplay Accessories
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Product Number: #52148

Availability Size: The horn length 19 cm;The head circumference of about 53-57 cm

Included Accessories: Horns

Main Material: Latex

Care Instructions: Fragile, Be Gently

Color: Black

Oversized: No

Suitable Crowd: Adult,Men,Women

Maleficent is a beautiful and pure angel, she with young fairy wings and can fly, grow up in the kingdom of forest. However good time is always short-lived, oneday the Kingdom suddenly invading the human forces, in the battle, Maleficent gradually grow as the guardian of the forest. At the same time, it also suffers from the ruthless betrayal, then her heart began to become cold, the brain only remains the Revenge thoughts. In retaliation, she gave evil curse to the human king's daughter Princess Aurora; however with the growth of princess Aurora, maleficent is gradually aware of that -- the little princess can not only to bring peace to the two worlds may also give herself true happiness.

Maleficent's headwear has two beautiful horns. When she was young, her horns is silver gray, with the enhancement of her magic, and the hearts of hatred, after lose her big angel wings, her horns turned into pure black.

The horns of this headdress is relatively small, the horn length is about 19 cm, beautiful pure black, can wrapped up all your hair, provide you very good cosplay effect.

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